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I’m Nazmi. I’m 48 years of age as at 2015. Married to a beautiful wife of 19 years. December 2015 will be our 20th anniversary. With 3 schooling children. The eldest is a beautiful young lady of 18. The younger two are handsome and well-mannered boys.

By race, I am a Malay – of Javanese, Bugis and Banjarese descent. After my secondary education I was enlisted to the military service for 2 years (which is mandatory in my country of birth). Two years after military service, I immediately joined the workforce in a Japanese corporation. Then life goes on from one corporation to another.

I married my beloved at the age of 28. After a year of marriage, i felt stressed up with my financial situation. My debt was getting larger, but i persevered. I embarked on two marketing businesses (the physical business) but both failed. And my debt increased further. Then I tried my luck on Multi-Level Marketing. I signed up with many companies with good supports. I made some money in MLM business, but I found it was a business that can never sustain for long. Sooner or later, the pyramid will collapse.

I feel like a man who has achieved nothing in life. But I still clung to dear Hope!hope

For the past five years, I have been very idle as I was trying to slowly pay off my debts with banks. But somewhere in June 2015, I was viewing videos on YouTube, when as luck would have it, I accidentally clicked on a Kevin Skinner video. The guy who won America got Talent – Season 4, if I remember correctly. He was such an inspiration! From a chicken-catcher to now a professional entertainer. Wow, this guy is incredible! Nothing seems impossible! The Kevin Skinner video really woke me from slumber and truly inspired me! (Like me, get inspired by the same video here!)

The other reason why I am revisiting my dream of owning a business is because of my wife. She is a keen learner, very smart, hardworking, super efficient and capable at work. But i can detect that she is not feeling too happy in the office. From my observation, many colleagues view her as a threat and you know.. office politics…

The only reason she is still working is because her boss acknowledges her excellent work ethics and positive attitude, her multiple and multi-tasking capabilities, her loyalty, dedication and most importantly cherishes her sincere contributions to the team.

For this, she spends so much time at work! At this age, I thought, me and my lovely wife should be spending more time together, rather than in the office enslaving ourselves to the corporations. Hence, I made a promise to myself to rescue my beautiful wife from the demons of office politics and the rat race.




So began my journey seeking a home-based business in 2015. I was very, very sceptical of INTERNET marketing. I did lots of research on the business. Very sceptical of overseas INTERNET marketing, I decided sign up with a local Internet marketing. But to my disappointment, their support is poor and very little tools were provided. Each time I needed some tools, I had to fork out more cash. I thought Internet Marketeers are supposed to help individuals?

So I began once again the search for a good, reliable, honest and very supportive Internet marketing business. I still hold back signing up with companies from overseas, as I believe local companies are much safer. However, I could not find one. All the companies have the same modus operandi.

I began to research further – never giving up hope to find the best Internet marketing business available. Each time, my search will land me on a Wealth Affiliate website. I kept wondering why was Wealthy Affiliate so popular in the US? After 3 days of consideration, I decided to join as a FREE member for 7 days.

And boooom!!! I was shell-shocked because as a FREE member, I could have almost everything as the Premium members. I could create my own web pages, I got the member support instantly! In fact, I received a personal message from Kyle – the co-founder of WA himself! I told myself, “Wow! This is totally different from other Internet marketing!” I was so touched when so many individuals in the WA community were willingly offering their support to me, without me asking for help!

In fact, they kept encouraging me to ask questions when in doubt. On every website, Kyle kept reminding us how he would not want to see us getting stuck in our website-building efforts! Wealthy Affiliate never promise the amount of money I will be able to make, nor claim that I can be guaranteed successful as members without having to lift a finger.

These to me, proved how different this Internet Marketing Company really is! Instead, they kept remind me to work hard to achieve our common objectives. I also found the commission system good, if not great. commission

Right now, I am enjoying the achievement of having completed building my very first web page! I have also begun to love this business. My only hope is for Wealth Affiliate to continue showing me the path to my financial freedom and for me to have more time with my wife.

The song “If Tomorrow Never Comes” will be my motivation to achieve my dream for my wife and family.

October 2015 saw the start to my journey as Premium member with Wealthy Affiliate. Moving forward to my future success with Wealth Affiliate, my new adventure begins here…the web page…LOL! Las Vegas 2016, here I come all the way from Singapore – to meet the founders of Wealthy Affiliate!

Alright, that’s all about me. I will update my journey with Wealthy Affiliate from time to time.


So if you are looking for a good, genuine and REAL home-based business, do NOT hesitate to go to our Wealthy Affiliate Website..


“If YOU want to Achieve Greatness, Stop asking for Permission!”IMG-20140423-WA0011

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