Advantanges Of Working From Home


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Home offices, working from home – every other person seems to be doing it. So what is it that makes this such an attractive option for so many?

Why are people moving out of traditional office work environment to discover the joys of working from home?

As we strive for better work life balance, scheduling in time for exercise, we we also addresses a lot of these issues like longer commutes to work and rising expenses.

Working from home actually addresses a lot of issues. and then some. Here is a look at some of the compelling reasons to consider the shift.

Get the flexibility you need.

A FlexJobs survey recently showed 74 percent of these polled said it helped with work life balance, 52 percent said it was ideal due to family reasons, 52 percent also picked working from home and flexibility for its ability to help them keep up their health and exercise regimen.

When you work from home, you are all intents, your own boss. Decide how you will get a certain project or assignment done. Decide by when you will get it done.

Choose your hours of work. No one will really mind as long as you deliver on your commitments to your boss or clients.

Cut cost.

Working from home can be a huge cost saver in times when shaky economy has the best of us in jitters. By cutting out the commute, you instantly save on transport costs on a daily basis.

Besides the actual spends on gas or train tickets, there are hidden costs associated with working out of an office. For instance, you  might pick up a coffee on your walk to work. buy a muffin on your way home.

Now, you simply walk over to your kitchen or pantry and stir up hot cuppa. If you are in a job that requires a formal business wardrobe, by working from home you will save hundreds or more because you no longer  need to invest in multiple suits or formal shoes and sandals.

Get productive.

The same survey by FlexJobs also showed that most people headed home to get the critical jobs at work done. Being able to work sans office politics and distraction is underrated.

The absence of these intrusions can do wonders for your productivity helping you to get the job done quicker and often better, at home.

Not just for consultants and freelancers.

Working from home isn’t only for freelancer writers and designers anymore. A growing number of large multinational corporations as well as startup are encouraging their employee to work from home.

This offers their  team flexibility they need and helps with retention of quality talent that could otherwise have been lost due to geographical relocation or personal challengers with coming to the office.

And then there’s the real estate cost savings.

All in all, working from home offers a host of advantages to individuals as well as businesses, making its a trend that’s  only going to get stronger and upward trend.

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