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For someone with no experience in marketing nor building a web page, and one who posses very little knowledge of IT, I was so sceptical and worried about my ability to do this business.

Failure from physical businesses in the past made me very sceptical to commit with Wealth Affiliate (WA). So I decided to join only as a FREE member.

To my surprise, I can now build my own website in just a matter of 5 days! Even though my very first website design may seem amateurish, but that has helped boost my confidence.

There are many people like me out there. They can do the same and become successful. So I thought I can just try out as a free member for just a few days.

How over 100,000 Wealthy Affiliates and myself managed to do it in such a short span of time? I believe these are some of the reasons we share :

  1. The video instruction is so well-designed that any new member can follow the lesson easily.
  2. SiteRubix’s powerful technology makes your learning and website-building learning very enjoyable with very little or, I would say no glitches at all!
  3. It could easily be the world’s easiest, safest and mobile-ready website! It is not a cut-and-paste concept, but instead you have control over the design, the concept and the building of your website.
  4. The Wealthy Affiliate community provides you with website support, coaching, training and help.
  5. Many more features and functional tools in SiteRubix (the website-building tool)
  6. Over 500 videos to help you.
  7. Live chat and live video classes conducted on a monthly basis.
  8. Discussion and advice from experienced Wealthy Affiliate ambassadors and affiliates.
  9. Certification courses.
  10. Experience-sharing and many more

These are just some of the many reasons I believe we share as the family of Wealthy Affiliate.  The beauty of the business is, we work as a community -helping each other to succeed, sharing problems and solutions in building our business.

Differences in culture, race, religion, tradition, colour and nationality is not a barrier for the WA community to work together.

We love to see and hear individual successes.

Well my friend, Lets Build, Learn and Start Making Money and Succeed. Lets Do It…Together!

Allow me to share my exciting experience with you. Click the link below and comment with your experience in building your own website either for business or for blogging or for the sake of learning and acquiring new skills.  IT’S FREE!

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“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” – Jim John

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