How To Start Marketing Online

The Wealthy Affiliate (WA) programs is not just about building effective web-page but WA programs also teaches members how to market Wealthy Affiliate programs.

For example, SiteRubix website builder and JAAXY keyword platform or tool kits : the programs will teach members how to leverage on search engines (SEO) and use of effective keywords (PPC) and leverage on other marketing tools available on the internet.

You will be taught how to run advertisement campaigns too.

Here is an example :











On top of marketing training and courses, you will experience Live Video training too. I love this particular trainer. He has a great sense of humour such that you will never get bored watching his sharing sessions.

His name is JAY NEILS. He’s an wesome guy with 8 years of experience in Wealthy Affiliate and marketing. He will guide you on how to promote WA programmes and your niche product. Jay Neils

With his vast experience in Wealthy Affiliate, his LIVE Videos will guide you further on how and what your future business partners will expect from you. Also, more on how they behave and think and many more.

You will be updated by the latest trends of online and marketing business. You will be guided on how to effectively build your website and video editing too. Hmmm… Your personal video. Think about that.

You will be guided via video trainings. Cool right?

You may wonder what is this LIVE Video all about. Allow me to show you an example.

Click on the image below, sit back an enjoy…

Live video









OK. You have watch the an hour recorded LIVE Video that was aired on 20th November 2015.

Sorry, I did not tell you that the video is about an hour long. I did it on purpose. Hahaha… Just joking, my friend!

Now it’s time for you to make a life changing decision. Lets be a part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community! You will not be here if you are not looking for a life changing online business.

This is no pyramid nor MLM (Multi Level Marketing) nor scam website marketing business.

This business will hand hold you to success. To a success you never thought will happen to you. Many have succeeded in WA.


If you decide to be a part of the Wealthy Affiliate Family, click the image below and register. arrow downwealthy-affiliate-membership-grid


All the very best to your Success, my friend.


Nazmi Mohamed.


“My evil genius Procrastination has whispered me to tarry ’til a more convenient season.” – Mary Todd Lincoln


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