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Online marketing is not much different from the more conventional  word-of-mouth advertisement  where referrals are the sought-after like collectibles. Networking  groups exist in both online and offline marketing world, and accessing them are equally difficult,  particularly  those outside of your inner circles.

People  are more likely to purchase goods and services  from a company  when their  friends,  families, and colleagues  recommend them to do it. For online marketers, social media is good place to start getting referrals but there are also other methods you probably haven’t explored yet including Contents, Writting, Email Marketing, Solo Ads, and PPC.

Contents Writing

Internet was created for users to share information. After years in existence,  it has improved both in functionality and features, but the core  function as a medium to deliver valuable information remains the same.

People use the Internet to search for information about everything  including goods and services they want. The easiest way to provide information is by publishing articles on your blogs; you can also make videos but the process is more elaborate and time-consuming.

Online marketers have blogs to write about products and services they promoted. However, trying to sell a product does not always mean being persuasive and full of sales pitches.

When writing an article, you need to provide valuable information to  target readers  ( potential consumers ) and let them know that you have the expertise concerning the  specific products and services you want to sell.  Good contents require hard  works and research, but people will reward you for that through comments and social media shares.

In the days where all people have social media accounts and articles are abundant all over the Internet, your consumers want reliable source of information, which you can deliver by making good contents.

If the information is valuable, chances are good that readers share it with their social circles. For you as online marketer, you get referalls easily due to share – ability of your contents.

Even when you don’t see immediate increase in sales, your website at least has more traffic coming in from the referrals. Please also pay attention to comments, and every question if possible.  Sometimes, a simple word of gratitude is well-appreciated.

Another way to use contents writing to  get referalls is by blogging.  Please remember  that you have competitors all over the Internet, but competition is not a bad thing.

Your competitors can be excellent partners with guest blogging. When you make contents for your competitors, you open the doors to introduce yourself to their customers.

In return, you should also invite others to make contents for you. Such method brings fresh perspectives to the website and can be beneficial to both parties.

Email Marketing 

Getting referrals by email is a time-tested and proven effective method. The intention behind email marketing is to create call-to -action sales pitches, but the more important goal is to establish your name as an authority in the products and services you sell.

Everybody receives a dozen or more emails every day, and therefore you have to make your emails;

  • Useful
  • Save-worthy
  • Entertaining
  • Visually appealing
  • Contain practical solutions to problems  ( related to your product and services )
  • Friendly

Try to combine all those aspects, but remember that email should not be overly long. Whether or not you want to admit it, emails are like targeted fliers. You have no idea how many people will actually open them, let alone read and save them.

The good thing is that one email can be sent over and over again to hundreds of people.  Expect that some people will reply the email, so create informative auto-responder  as well.

If your email contains realistic promises without any exaggeration, people tend to  read and think about it instead of moving it to trash folder.

Do not hesitate to say your intentions. It is not difficult to write “We would love you to share this email with your friends. We appreciate referrals. Thank you. ”

It  is a plain simple request that some marketers tend to forget. If you don’t ask the recipients to do something, they think you do not need referrals.

Also, integrate your email with social media bar to make it easy for your recipients to do forwarding.

Solo Ads 

Emails are free, and so is content marketing  ( if you write it yourself  ). If you are willing to pay, you can have other online marketers send email on your behalf. Some online marketers use their mailing list to offer paid  services, called Solo Ads.

They will send your email to their mailing list for a fee. This is quite risky method; there is no way to know that the person indeed sends your email, so buy this service only from the marketers you trust.

How it works:

  • John Doe is an online marketer  who has list containing 5000 of emails addresses. He is interested in making money online by providing Solo Ads services.
  • You want to purchase John Doe ‘s service, meaning you want to send emails to his mailing list.
  • The fee is 0.35 cents per click.
  • Let us consider 2500 people actually open and read your email.
  • Only 500 people share your article to their friends, but the referral system goes on.
  • So the cost for the Solo Ads is your number of order click × the click cost of the click offer by John. (Example : 100 clicks × 0.35 per click ).

You do not  have access to John Doe ‘s mailing list.  If the referrals work, you get fresh traffic thanks to Solo Ads.  Depending on your marketing model, the fee can be worth the additional traffic.

Solo Ads is good method to spread a message to strangest and get referalls.

PPC ( Pay Per Click )

There are two ways of getting referrals from PPC :

  • Advertising on PPC platform : numerous platforms are available for you to place advertisements on websites. By purchasing this service, webmasters will put your advertisements on websites  (in their  networks). You only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement.
  • Advertising on Search Engine PPC: when using search engine, your advertisements will appear based on keyword. For example, if you use the keyword “free affiliate platform”, your ads will appear when someone uses that exact search query.

Either method relies heavily on your contents. If the contents on the landing page are valuable complemented with appealing design,  people are likely to read and recommend the website to their friends.

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