Never Fall into Affiliate Marketing Scam

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Despite the fact that affiliate marketing has been all over online business world for many years, many people still do not truly understand how this marketing model works and how popular it is.

As many new beginners are learning to get the basic knowledge of it, many fall into affiliate marketing scam simply because they fail to recognize the basic deceiving signs.

Some affiliate marketing  businesses are legitimate, but many others are in existent only to steal people’s money, especially those who just getting started.

The possibility to make money online from home is attractive, but it is tricky business that only the knowledgeable people can do well. One of the easiest methods of earning online income is by having affiliation relationship with online merchants; people want to practice and learn more about it all the time.

Scammers and fraudulent businesses take advantage of the popularity of affiliate marketing and create made-up offers or programs to waste grab our money, efforts and time. To help you recognize the difference between legitimate and deceitful affiliate marketing programs, here are some important things to consider. image_preview copy

  • Free of Charge vs. Plenty of Charge

The first important thing to remember legitimate affiliate marketing program does not try to make you pay, but makes you earn. Genuine program does not cost a dime to join, sign-up, or register; if you come across any program that ask you to pay just to register, stay away from it.

Of course, affiliate programs are  created by professionals, which also need money to build trustworthy programs. most (if not all) allow participants to upgrade their account from FREE to ADVANCE.

The decision to upgrade account entirely depends on the members; the program may persuade members to do the upgrade, but there is no coercion of any sort.

Some programs allow members to build their own marketing network for free, or multi-tier affiliation. First-tier includes everyone who joins the program directly, while second-tier includes others who join because of recommendation from first-tier.

Again, there is no fee involved. One of the most prominent examples of legitimate affiliate marketing program is Wealthy Affiliate, which offers free membership account along with free website and hosting for starters’ accounts.

There is no fee involved, and all you need is an email address to sign-up.

  • Realistic Expectations

Before you join any program, it is good to remember that all types of business ventures take time and efforts to make money. You will have to work on the program to actually start earning; Wealthy Affiliate is a platform on which you have access to SEO tools, certification courses, video tutorials, and discussions.

All of them increase your chance to earn money from affiliate marketing. You also have guidance on how to choose the proper niche. If you come across any program that offers non-realistic expectations but without much effort, chances are the programs cannot make it happen.

You need to realize that earning $5000 a month is not impossible, but it does not happen overnight.

  • Beware of Empty Promise

The most common trick used by scammers to attract people is giving big promises. They persuade people to buy products or spend money on something that will help earn money.

By using the products, people are led to believe that they will not have to do any more work yet still make good income. Take weight loss pills, for example; there is no magic instant medication to make people lose 30 pounds just just by taking the medication. They still have to do proper exercise and make good diet plan.

The pills, just like affiliate programs, are merely tools to help you achieve your goals. There are works to do on your parts, but the programs help to make every work you do more efficient and effective.

Wealthy Affiliate ( WA ) is not a magic platform to bring great amount of money overnight. It is a platform where you can learn, practice, and develop affiliate marketing effectively.

Apart from the empty  promises, there are many more red flags to recognize. To recognize those bad signs, you have to at least understand the basic principles of how affiliate marketing works.

Common red flags to watch out for includes;

  1. Big promises as previously mentioned.
  2. Fake evidences of successful people using the programs. Photos and videos may include fancy expensive cars, gold wristwatches, or coastal houses. Only dedicated hard-working real affiliate marketeers can earn such luxurious life.
  3. A screenshot of outrageous earnings without any details.
  • The Owner and Members Support

Another very important part of legitimate program is good membership support. No one like to be kept in the dark after sign-up with the program. Lets us not forget that many programs are available online, meaning you cannot meet all the mentors on daily basis.

There is a limitation in communication, but legitimate programs will offer not only email addresses for supports, but also live chat, live video classes, discussion, classroom training programs, and even certification courses. Member are strongly encourage to ask or post question online.

Moreover, such features also come at no cost. images (7)Wealthy Affiliate, once again,
meets all those good criteria, making them one of the recommended affiliate programs.


Affiliate marketing program is a lucrative online business. Similar to all popular programs, products, or services, many scammers try to imitate the system but fill it with plenty of fraudulent services. It is important to be knowledgeable about affiliate marketing before you start joining any of them.

Please also read reviews from real people to know if certain program is indeed legitimate.

Wealthy Affiliate ( WA ) allows you to join for free, practice the venture at no cost, and even write your own reviews based on your first-hand experience with it.




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