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Affiliate  Program is accepted as one of the most viable ways to make money online without actually owning a store and products to sell. It does not require any field-experience as a marketing agent and big investment to start.

In the most basic level, affiliation program requires marketer to own a website to promote products from popular established online stores such as Amazon, Rakuten, Clickbank, and more.

The basic idea is that marketers write about any product and include links to the actual product pages where buyers can make purchases. For every sale generated from the link, marketers (websites owners) earn commission.

Although it does seem simple, affiliate marketing requires efforts and  (probably) lengthy process to start earning considerable revenues. It involves keyword research, SOE implementation, contents creation, and website maintenance.

Failure rate in affiliate marketing is about 90%, and considering you have millions of competitors, you need something to guide you through the process so you can avoid making common mistakes and make profits immediately or at least before investing too much.

Currently there are more than two dozens affiliation training platforms that offer guidance and problem-solving methods to overcome difficulties. Three of them are particularly well-know all across the internet including Google Sniper, Chris Farrell Membership, and Wealthy Affiliate.

They have same purpose, but each has its own methods to deliver the guidance.

Google Sniper

Before you expect too much, you should know Google Sniper is not is not a product by Google. It is invented by a successful online marketer named George Brown. it is a marketing course filled with instructions, video tutorials, and many more lessons to build website that rank high on Google search engine.

George Brown made more than $500,000 in 2010 with the launch of this course. He was 17 when he made great success and started the development of Google Sniper.  It is believed that the marketing course is the exact blueprint of his methods as online marketer.

All the tutorials are presented in PDF and video formats; he updates the contents with every new version. Google Sniper is also one of the most popular products in Clickbank, at least among affiliate marketers.

Google Sniper is designed for both beginner and advanced affiliate marketers who plan to have full-time income from online ventures. This plan often involves creating multiple websites and exploiting all of them. Similar to any other course of any field, the process takes time and there is no get-rich-quickly-scheme involved. In general, the concept and purpose make sense. Google Sniper works through 3 basic principles:

  • Research profitable niches – Pick Clickbank products you want to promote
  • Find good keywords for the niche/products  – Create websites that revolve around those keywords
  • Watch traffic – Tweak the websites to improve performance for best possible results

Main objective is to create something called Sniper Sites using WordPress and an assortment of plug-ins to help you along the process. The key to Google Sniper’s success is the ease to find profitable keywords and create many mini websites using those exact keywords as domain names. You probably need to create more than a dozen of websites to improve your chance of becoming authority for the keyword. Using George Brown’s Google Sniper, you get at least the following features:

  1. Getting Started: introduction to the overall course and instruction to access all features
  2. Google Sniper: the main area where you find the actual tutorials from videos and e-books
  3. Further Training: additional information to accelerate the making-money methods
  4. Empire Module: basically an outsourcing module to help you find professionals for creating website
  5. Rolodex: more additional resources and information about alternative ways to generate online income

More that those, there are also Questions & Answers webinars that cover topics related to the course. Support is accessible through support desk where you can ask questions. Let us not forget that Google Sniper is, in its essence, a product made by George Brown and his team, meaning there will be updates which may (or may not) come quick enough to keep up with search engine’s algorithm.

The most common consequence is that all your websites can simply disappear from the search engine once the algorithm is updated because you are using an outdated method.

Google Sniper is not a scam, but the tendency for late updates and lack of direct communication with a community of users make the course barely dependable as guidance. It is like purchasing a book about “how to use Internet” and there is almost no reliable way for you to consult with other readers or confirm if any particular method still works, unless from trial & error.

Chris Farrell Membership

Besides George Brown, affiliate marketing industry has many popular people who have set examples that online income is a real thing. One of them is Chris Farrell, the creator of Chris Farrell Membership program.

The strongest selling point of the membership is actually the story of the creator himself. Just like many online marketers, Chris Farrell started a bit late in 2008 yet he managed to make an average of $200 a day in 6 months, growing into $1000 a day in 9 months.

In August 2010, it was believed that he made more than $1 million from being an online marketer. Even before the membership started, Chris had successfully gathered large number of audience.

This membership is, in general, a website where Chris Farrell shares his knowledge, experience, and techniques for people who want to make online business and earn income from it.

Members have access to fair share of his strategies to build websites, generate traffics, build leads, and other methods to improve the chance of making money. The good thing is that all those products are lined up in correct order for members to follow.

A complete catalog of information is available, along with tutorials and downloadable contents to give members good start.

Besides containing basic tutorials for beginners, the membership also offers more advanced techniques and strategies for the more experienced members. Instead of providing only a glimpse of his strategies, Chris Farrell actually is very transparent and willing to share his entire formula to build online success. Active members can even access his personal blog and see the way he is making his fortune.

Some of the best features of Chris Farrell Membership are:

  • Free Unlimited Hosting: free hosting is an excellent feature, but Chris Farrell makes it unlimited so members get instant access to build professional-looking websites, ready to use for marketing ventures. A big part of the overall cost in building website is hosting fee; it is also worth mentioning that beginners often find difficulties in setting up websites with paid hosting services. All technicalities are eliminated for members.
  • Website Creation Tutorials: guidance in this part is designed in a way that even the most tech-ignorant members can follow. For those who understand the basic of website creation will make the process even easier.
  • Ready to Use Website: also referred to as “done for you” website, this is a downloadable content for those who are still unsure about building websites. By following the instructions compiled by Chris Farrell and his team in the downloaded file, a complete novice can create fully functioning website within an hour. This website will be ready to use for marketing purpose.

Additional features include support desk via forum and software for advanced marketers. There are also additional courses to give general tips for online marketers. All in all, Chris Farrell Membership is considered a better option than Google Sniper because Chris Farrell offers more features and better value with free hosting.

Also, the support forum means continuous help from the creator and other members as well. In other words, help section is always updated and there will be live discussions running all the time. Many parts of the membership features are, however, pointed towards complete beginner with several additions for advanced and experienced marketers.

The more complete, an overall better option for learning affiliate marketing is available from the platform below. 

Wealthy Affiliate

Founded in 2005, Wealthy Affiliate is online community that has grown into the most reputable and trusted place where online marketers, both new and experienced, can find great sources of information, recommendation, and guidance to improve success from affiliation with major online retailers.

One thing that separates Wealthy Affiliate from the aforementioned programs is the existence of strong community in addition to a robust professionally run and maintained platform.

It is available as free and paid subscription-based platform, offering guidance accessible for everyone. A great advantage is that even free members have access to free websites and hosting service to immediately practice what they’ve learned and make money.

For those who are in strict budget, Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go. Once they have enough, the platform offers an upgraded account or you can stick to the free account or even leave without any consequence.

Wealthy Affiliate is targeted to at least the following audience:

  • Online marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Students
  • Retired people who want to make online income
  • Sellers who plan to build online stores
  • Small companies
  • Local business

Due to its popularity, you probably have read many articles written about Wealthy Affiliate. To some extent, a good number of people are led to think that the platform is running an MLM business model.

One thing is certain, Wealthy Affiliate does not require you to promote the platform, but it teaches you to make money online by joining affiliate program with major online retailers. You don’t need to sell WA to make money.

Before we dive in further, it is worth mentioning that Wealthy Affiliate is not a rich-overnight scheme. On the contrary, the platform guides you through the entire process of building reliable online income from the start.

By reliable, it means you own solid online businesses that help you pay the bills in the long run. The entire notion of “do-it-yourself” is not true with Wealthy Affiliate. Instead of leaving you only with tons of resources and reading materials to go through, the forum is filled with an active community where you will get answers to every question you probably have.

Support is continuous, meaning you always get help when you need one, either from the platform creator or fellow online marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate focuses on providing training to members about everything related to online marketing including but not limited to SEO, contents marketing, PPC, website development, email marketing, and all technicalities associated with those.

Once you register, either as free or premium member, you are enrolled in a course to build the foundation of strong online marketing venture that consists of systematic process which leads to earning revenues.

There are more than 300 tutorials readily available, and list is continuously updated on monthly basis. In term of updateability, Wealthy Affiliate is clear winner compared to the previous two platforms.

It also means that members get access to fresh contents to keep up with every search engine algorithm changes.

When it comes to training materials, Wealthy Affiliate provides not only text-based contents but also tutorial videos and even online classroom for discussions.

In general, training is given through the following media:

  • Interactive discussions
  • Online classrooms with specific topics (no random discussion about anything)
  • Questions and Answers
  • Video Tutorials
  • Training classes on weekly basis
  • Task-based courses

Free accounts get the following features:

  • 2 websites and hosting free or charge
  • Access to 3 online classrooms
  • Intensive training course that helps you build websites with strong presence
  • 500 training modules are freely accessible
  • Maximum 30 keywords research per month
  • For the first week (7 days), free accounts get live support from experts and Wealthy Affiliate owners

It is probably safe to say that joining the free account provides enough material to get a good grasp of what online marketing is all about, especially when you have intensive course and live supports at the same time.

Premium accounts have all the features of the free accounts added with the following:

  • Personal support from Wealthy Affiliate owners and experts. Personal means 1-on-1 mentoring.
  • Live video training on weekly basis. Each session lasts for about 4 hours. Videos can be played repeatedly in case you forget something.
  • Extra videos to help you become professionals. Hundreds of hours of training materials are provided in video formats.
  • Getting involved in discussion with experts. Wealthy affiliate has more than 500,000 discussions in the forum.
  • Unlimited keywords research
  • Unlimited domains

Free accounts have all the aforementioned benefits without any hidden cost, while the premium ones have access to more training materials. Premium members can still use the free websites and hosting, but they can also purchase more domains if needs be.

Wealthy Affiliate is also mobile-friendly, so you can use it on your tablet or smartphones. The platform even provides an app for Android users to access chat rooms and training resources.

To become an online affiliate marketer, you need the basic ingredients including website, hosting, and ability to drive traffic to your websites. Wealthy Affiliate provides all of those for free, added with valuable materials for you to start right away.

Everything is available at no cost. Bottom line, Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform superior to either Chris Farrell or Google Sniper in all aspects.


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