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Every online marketer both the beginner and the experienced know that keyword is one of the most powerful factors to determine success. Bloggers and website owners in general will want to implement the proper keywords relevant to their business or niche to strengthen online presence and ensure visibility.

Keywords research is mostly based on trends; Internet users search for specific information respective to the time of year, season, online marketers take advantage keywords research tools.

Some tools are available for free with limitations in features, while others are premium but they give better functionality.

Google Keywords Research platform is a powerful tool provided by the Internet giant for online marketers at no cost at all.

It can be considered a build-in search engine feature that everyone can use without any subscription fee. However, many of the features are simplified, and it is mostly useful when all internet users turn to Google search engine as well; the fact is, some people prefer  other search engines.

To eliminate all the limitations, you can use a more comprehensive tool, such as Jaaxy.

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What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a keyword research platform design specifically for online marketers to help them monetize their websites and make good living out of the income. It is available as free and paid versions with free trial offer as well.

The big idea behind Jaaxy is to eliminate the needs for separate tools to guide online marketers in their venture.

In one platform, Jaaxy is able to provide at least 3 powerful research tools for keywords, niche, and domain names.

Comprehensive Keywords List.

The main function of keywords research tool is to find potential keywords relevant to your niche. However, a simple list of keywords is almost useless in today’s tough online marketing competitions.

This is why Jaaxy delivers not only numerous keywords for you to choose, but also complementing data based on real-time analysis for examples competition and estimated traffic.

Competition means the number of websites ( or competitors ) that use the same keywords. Similar to most marketing campaigns for any business, low competition means higher chance of sales.

Every single keyword that Jaaxy generates is complemented by competition data to help you understand the likelihood of a keyword to bring easy generic traffic to your website.

Another important metric is estimate traffic, and this is where Jaaxy really shines. Most keywords research tools estimate potential traffic from only one or two search engines only, rendering estimation useless.

With Jaaxy, however, all potential traffics generated by all search  engines are compiled into readable metric. In ideal circumstance, you want to use low competition keyword, but with high estimate traffic.

Niche Selections

When it come to niches research, Jaaxy is equally impressive. Finding a good niche is actually more difficult than keyword research. A keyword can be defined as “possible search term” by user, but a niche covers the entire segment of marketing.

It covers broader aspects than keyword, but narrower than category. As a matter of fact, every  potential niche generated by Jaaxy also comes with list of low competition keyword and popular domain names ( available and not available ).

Domain Names

Right within the application, Jaaxy offers domain search feature based on any keyword you use/enter. Based on the data for low-competition keyword from the tool, you can do a quick search domain names to see all the available options  you have.

Jaaxy emphasizes on Domain Flipping business which you purchase good domain for low price and sell it for relatively high profit. It is going to be one-time sale, but profitable nevertheless.

If Domain Flipping is the intention and you don’t plan to use the domain for your own website, you can use any keyword that comes to mind ( it does not have to be relevant to those used in your website ).



Regardless of how sophisticated your keyword research tool is, it does not give any valuable and useful in formation when the interface is difficult to understand.

With Jaaxy what you get is sophistication covered in simplicity. All the metrics are provided in a single table that compiles all usable information you need including;

  • Monthly Searches: it represents the average number of traffic that a keyword generates in one month from all search engines. As a rule of thumb, you should take advantage of any keyword that has at least 50 in average.
  •  Estimated traffic : the average amount of traffic you get from keyword if you appear in the first page of search engine results. Similar to Monthly Searches, higher number is better.
  • QSR : it represents the competition. the number written within QSR column represents pages. For example if it has 500 QSR, it means the selected keyword is used in 500 pages currently. In this case, you will want to choose a keyword with less than 300 QSR , or lowest competition.
  • KQI : it stands for Keyword Quality Index. Jaaxy generates KQI for every keyword based on 3 variables; traffic volume, estimated ranking result, and competition.  Jaaxy uses color dots to represent the likelihood of a keyword to be profitable. Green dot means “good”, orange dot is “average”, and red dot is best avoided.
  • SEO Power : as the name suggests, SEO Power indicates how good the keyword is to boost SEO. A score of more than 90 is excellent, but it is realistically difficult to come by. However, you can use any keyword with lower score as long as the combination of other factors leads to profitable venture.

Benefits of using Jaaxy

  1. Free trial account is available with up to 30 keyword searches. No personal information required to access the free account. Credit card not required.
  2. Premium accounts are available as PRO and ENTERPRISE, so you can choose based on what you need.
  3. An all-in-one keywords research with added features for niche and domain searches.
  4. List of related keywords is instantly available.
  5. Selected keywords can be saved in Jaaxy platform and downloadable for printing or saved in your personal pc.
  6. Jaaxy comes with full video training .
  7. You can promote Jaaxy as an affiliate product to earn commission.
  8. Simple interface that is suitable for beginners, but it has advanced features for the experienced.

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