Top 5 Skills to Learn While Working from Home


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Recent statistics reveal that over 37% of the Americans have started working from their homes and this figure is steadily on the rise. With the continuous technological advancements, the gap between physical proximity and virtual work environments are being bridged.

Many of the organizations have started focusing these work arrangements that are unconventional in nature as ways of deriving higher level of job satisfaction. But, one important thing to note is that you are not ready for an unstructured and isolated environment, working from your home can turn into one of the worst possible nightmares.

If you wish to work from home, you must checkout these top five skills that you will need to learn on a priority basis.


1. Flexibility

A strict work schedule may be essential for giving a proper structure to your working day but do not feel scared in rearranging your work schedule if absolutely necessary.

One of the key benefits of working form your home is that your engagement level can go up whenever required so that non-work items can also taken care of in an efficient manner.

Such a working style also means that you can give more time to your family members and friends when there is an emergency or they require your presence.

2. Self-discipline

This is one of the major skills required for working from your home. You need tremendous self-discipline for resisting various distractions around you.

It can be house cleaning job, laundry, family members, home repair, house clan, or your friends who have a different type of work schedule.

Thus a person working from home should develop a work schedule which is completely in sync with his/her mental and physical energy.

3. Critical Thinking

You will start to realize and appreciate the scope of generating new ideas by your colleagues and teams when you start working from home.

So when you work from home, you must start thinking creatively and devote time for doing so. You can make use of tools such as Mind Mapping for generating new ideas promptly.

4. Good Communication Skills

If you are not your own boss, you have to have proper clarity and an ability to articulate well with your teams and superiors so that your organization can derive some values.

You should also make a systematic effort to discuss and get answers from your team members. Always think of new ways for continuous improvement.

4. Result-Oriented Approach

Similar to your work in a conventional office, your day can  be filed up with many activities but you may not make much progress with your goals. One of the pitfalls of working from home can be that you have to do various non-work tasks during the course of the day.

So define your to-do list every morning before you start your day and review the work done at the end of each day.



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