Wealthy Affiliate for YOUR Retirement Plan

Not everybody can afford to save money from the current job and hope to be financially independent after retirement.

Certain jobs are very rewarding indeed with handsome payment that also comes with nice pension plan, but the more common professions such as teachers, direct sales marketers, technicians, nurses, cleaners and many others are basically  listed under middle-income category.

There is nothing wrong with those; they are respectable jobs that require particular expertise. Income is also not bad, yet we can increase revenue by generating passive income as supplement to the current jobs.


What Is Passive Income?

Circumstances have changed a great deal from the days of our grandparents. In the old days, people could work for a company for about 30 to 40 years or more and retire with enough pension plans to enjoy retirement.

Workplace is getting scarcer now and few benefits are available. Our hard-earned income is likely enough to pay the bills and for our humble hobby of collecting inexpensive watches, but it may not be enough to finance our entire retirement days.

While quitting your current jobs and finding better occupation is highly unlikely, one of the best solution we can do right now is to create dependable source of passive income.

Unlike the income from our current full-time job, passive income is revenue that you receive from any activity in which we not required to be heavily involved. In other words, you do not need to be actively working in the venture to collect money.

You may think it sounds too good to be true, but a lot of people have proven that this method actually works. Contrary to the popular belief, passive income is not generated by not working at all; it requires a bit of work (and probably  good amount of money) at first, and then you can eventually let your money work for you.

Such revenue come from many different business ventures including but not limited to dividend, rental properties, royalties, business partnerships, and online affiliate marketing.

The current society does not put enough on generating passive income.  Common belief is that we have to work for several decades, save some from the income,and enjoy retirement days from the savings.

Truth is that it does work for few of us,but vast majority of people cannot afford the luxury of enjoying good retirement days from active income alone. The idea behind income is simple: you do not earn active income while you are not working, but there can be other sources of revenue that provide steady flow of money even when you are sleeping.

Among all the aforementioned ventures that generate passive income, the easiest yet effective and least expensive to start is online affiliate marketing. It is worth mentioning that full-time profession make it difficult to schedule for your secondary business venture, but this does not apply to affiliate marketing.

For teachers, technicians, salespeople, nurses, cleaners, and all the middle-income occupations,  starting an affiliate marketing is both easy and promising.

Before we get too far, remember that affiliate marketing is not a quick-rich scheme. It still requires you to do some work and learning, but the opportunity is real

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Online Affiliation

Affiliate marketing requires you to have a website supported by hosting service. Some marketers even use free platforms. Marketers use the website to write contents (including videos, images, banners and affiliate links) about products sold by online merchants.

Somewhere in the contents, the marketers put links to redirect visitors to the product page available from the actual seller/merchant.

Unlike regular links you see in many websites or personal blogs, affiliate links can be banner or tests with functions to track referrals from your website; when visitor clicks the links and ends up purchasing the product, the merchant rewards you by giving commissions based on an agreed percentage of the product sales price.

Let us say the commission is 4% of the price. If the product worth $100, the commission is only $4, but if the product cost $1,000 or more the commission also increases.

Affiliate marketing can be either easy or difficult depending on how you prepare everything.  Assuming that you have never tried this before, you will need guidance and intensive training from experienced professionals of the industry.

It suddenly comes to mind that learning also costs money, but not with Wealthy Affiliate. It is an educative platform designed for both starter and experienced to understand how affiliation marketing works and the proper ways to generate passive income from it.

Unlike most programs being advertised online, Wealthy Affiliate is not one of those get-rich-quickly approaches. Rather than making empty promises, the platform provides lessons, online classes, tutorials, and 1-on-1 discussion among others.

The interesting part is that the platform is FreeYou can join at no cost at all, and there is no obligation to pay for anything.

For beginners or those with full-time jobs, Wealthy Affiliate provides step-by-step guide to setup your website, plan for hosting, use professional-looking website, choose the most lucrative affiliation program, launch the affiliation efforts, make money, maintain your websites, and expand.

Wealthy Affiliate even gives two free websites with hosting service for starters to practice everything you learn. If you think you have what it takes, you can upgrade your membership and continue to be part of the community or quit the program and run the business on your own.

Either way, Wealthy Affiliate gives you the basic knowledge based on experience. For middle -income professionals, Wealthy Affiliate make sure that you can learn at your own pace.

It means you do not have to quit the current job; because literally all the learning materials including videos and online classes are digital files, you can revisit everything if you forget something.

There is no strict scheduling, no risk of losing jobs, no risk of losing money or unnecessary investment.


Why Affiliate Marketing

The main reason is to generate passive income. The process of starting affiliate marketing is, furthermore, also easier than you probably think. Here are some of the best reasons why affiliate marketing is lucrative for you:

  • Quick: setting up a website and launch the affiliation can be done in matter of hours. You can be up and running in the same day.
  • No Cost: websites and hosting come at a price. With Wealthy Affiliate, such cost is non-existent.
  • No Purchase and No Storage: you do not actually own the products. You are advertising for other merchants and earn commission for every sale you make.
  • No Office: you need a computer and internet connection, and you can work from anywhere.
  • No Employees: the real work is to post contents to the website. If you can spare time to write the posts, there is no need to hire someone. You do not need customer service and a number of departments to handle shipping, inventory, and payment gateway. Every purchasing process is handle by the merchant.
  • People Buy: the internet has turned into the largest market where people buy products online. It is going to be long-running  trend for the foreseeable future.`

Wealthy Affiliate

For the inexperienced, affiliate marketing may sound either very easy or very difficult depending on how much you know about it. Before we get excited about it, you will need to understand that there are some popular myths associated with the venture, as listed below.

  • It is easy to manage

That is only part of the truth. Affiliate marketing is easy to manage when you have passed the first several processes. Setting up the website, choosing a domain name, niches , best hosting, write contents, and keywords research are all parts of the first few steps. Similar to most ventures, the first steps are crucial and this is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in to make sure you make no mistakes.

Once you get everything done properly,  the affiliate marketing becomes easy to manage. One of the most common mistakes is that people rush it and try to get their website running in matter of minutes. It is more important to prepare everything carefully, take your time, do you daily jobs, and then make time for the affiliation venture.

  • You have to be in popular niche

While it is true that popular niche is more lucrative for affiliate marketers, it does not mean that you stand no chance at success doing the less popular ones. Popularity in the market also means more competitions, but consumers have different personalities that come with different needs.

Instead of trying hard to familiarize yourself with the products from the niche you do not like, it is better to try joining affiliation programs with the products you know well. Example your hobbies. That way, you know what to write and there will be more contents in your websites in shorter period.

Wealthy Affiliate offers assistance to choose the perfect niche for your need and knowledge, helping you to earn as soon as possible.

  • Affiliate marketing is old

Link building is becoming old due to every update to search algorithm. However, there are many ways of doing SEO and build your online presence. Wealthy Affiliate is filled with a community of marketers who have been dealing in this industry for many years. They are willing to share knowledge with other marketers as long as you are serious and dedicated enough.  Moreover, the notion of affiliate marketing makes perfect  sense for search engine (such as Google),  because it offers relevant information to consumers.

  • Key to success is quantity

This is probably the worst myth about affiliate marketing. Many small website make money, but consumer still focus on quality relevant informative sources of information over quantity quality. Instead of making hundreds of websites filled with useless contents and lots of products image, it is better to seriously build one website with real useful content that provides valuable information to consumers.

Supplement your Current Income

Passive income is meant to give another source of revenue in addition to the income from your current job. Affiliate marketing is online business. and just like any other businesses, you need to make room for possible failures. Keep doing your current job, but waste no time in the trial-and-error process of affiliate marketing by joining the right training program.







Nazmi Mohamed.



17 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate for YOUR Retirement Plan”

  1. I have to say that your website is magnificent and covers everything you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate.
    Because I’ve been scammed so many times in the past, it’s hard to know if something is legitimate.
    Wealthy does indeed offer everything listed here and more.
    I know that people find it hard to believe that you can join and get something for free.
    It’s true or I wouldn’t have joined to find out. I’m retired and putting a lot of time into this business because it’s great and the people in Wealthy Affiliate are awesome and are always available for support.

    1. Hi Rob. Thank you for stopping by. My only intention is to help as many individual from being scam. I too I have been scam many time too. 

      The advantage with Wealth Affialite, the membership fee is just a flat rate. You her all the infomation you need to know about internet marketing. 

      And all the help from WA community 24/7. And got to know new friends from all over the world.

      All the best Rob


  2. Wealthyaffiliate has the best on;line business there is and I believe that anyone who wants change and a better way of life should become a part of this wonderful community. Wealthy affiliate with its awesome training has done a lo to bring change to the lives of many as they follow the training. This is a good investement and retirement plant. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’ve been searching for an educative platform that wont smash my wallet for quite some time now – it seems to me as though nearly every opportunity out there is trying to sell you something else- somethign you don’t actually need. So this WA is free and there are no catches? No upsells?

    1. Hi Chris. Thank you for stopping by. The answer to your question is YES. You can be part of WA as a free member or as a monthly paid member we call Premium. Both membership you can make money by affiliating WA product; that is WA educative platform. Free member (Starter) you will earn $4 USD for the month sale and subsequent month $11.25. But as paid membership (Premium), you will earn an extra 100% more commission receptively.

      There is no catches in WA. Free membership, for you to try out. No credit card or pay pal detail required. WA to me is for individual who looking for change in their life or simply to earn extra cash. I try out as free membership for almost 2 weeks, after experiencing myself the training platform I sign-up as Premium member when I realize the great benefit I can get with full and total support from WA.

      It is to me a, win-win benefits for both party. I only pay a monthly membership of $47USD and hosting that only cost me $10 USD per year. That all I need to pay for being Premium member. Anyway you can do away without the hosting too.

      The good thing about WA when one registered, no credit or pay pal account is required. Unlike many educative platform you have to register with your credit or pay pal account.

      And if you decide to stop membership, you just simply go to account setting and membership manage, click on stop billing and close account. Simple, no hassle. I like that! Sincerity.

      To me this is the most genuine and sincere marketing affiliation membership that emphasize on helping others to earn money or to be an entrepreneur with $47 USD.

      I hope I have answer your question Chris. I suggest you try it out as free membership to get the real experience of WA training platform and communicating with hundreds of ambassador in WA. No RISK of wallet dry-out. 🙂

      Nazmi Mohamed.

  4. It is wise to prepare for retirement with a passive income. Also as we ages, there are certain risk that we would tend not to take. Starting a physical business for example. Why? Because the cost and the time to execute is longer compared to online business. And also online business has the lower risk but a wider reach with minimal resources. Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the easiest way to learn and start. Great sharing.

    1. Thank you Kenny for stopping by. I agree with all the points in your comment. Physical business is a very high risk and expensive too. Actually Affiliate marketing is the best option to begin your business ventures. It is safe and cost effective. And it is fun too. Easy it is not, but any individual can sure do it. Thank You for sharing too, Kenny.

      Nazmi Mohmaed.

  5. Great article! I found you perspectives on passive income and preparing for retirement in particular to be very interesting. It is so true that many people are stuck with the old mind set of “work hard and try to make enough money and to retire” – as well as use government retirement pensions if available. One problem with that is that nowadays it is almost impossible to save enough, partly because people are living longer and retirement could end up being 30 or so years – which adds up to a lot of money. A passive income source such as affiliate marketing is a perfect solution and it sounds like the Wealth Affiliate program you mention is the perfect platform to make this happen.

    1. Thank you Peter for your kind review. The article is derive from my personal observation and experiences. I see many 70s, 80s and 90s old individual collecting cardboard and old news papers just to make a living. Young homeless individual who are homeless due to circumstance. Middle age worker who are retrench and find no work. It such a sad sight.

      I truly hope my article will educate my readers and million reader in wide web world that hope is there for a decent good retirement or early retirement. Just showing to as people as possible that internet marketing is the other option. And educate readers the danger of internet scams.

      Nazmi Mohamed.

  6. A lot of good points there Nazmi. I like the way you are presenting this opportunity as not something that will happen quickly, but if you stick to it, you will find success. In these changing times I think it is so important to think outside of the box in terms of revenue generating ideas and I like the idea that I can be paid over and over again for my own creativity in my unique way of promoting other peoples ‘already tested in the market’ products and services. There aren’t many complete affiliate training programs out there and Wealthy Affiliate is a very legit training program. I know first hand because I have had first hand experience with them and I was looking for years and years to find something that just clicked with me, and Wealthy Affiliate is the program I feel the most connected to (and have also already done a lot in for the amount of time I have been with them). I would recommend them to anyone looking to get into online business but are not quite sure where to start.

    1. Thank you Liz for the comments. That is exactly what happen to me. I was not sure where to start and which company should I join. I ended enroll with wrong companies and lost a few thousand dollars. When I decide to give up my quest to financial freedom of retirement, I accidentally, stumble upon Wealthy Affiliate. From there, begins my journey with WA.

      My intention here is to help readers and guide readers the safest and reliable internet marketing platform. A platform that will prevent readers from losing thousands of dollars or being scam. I strongly believe WA is the internet marketing platform that sincerely here to help individual to success for the betterment of one retirement or financial freedom.

      I hope my article will help readers immediately plan and begin their journey for early retirement or golden age retirement and financial freedom.

      Nazmi Mohamed.

  7. Great site I agree that most of us have been taken for a buck or two by online scams but we are all in search of that extra easy income but it is not that easy but I agree with the help of Wa that.s entirely possible some day with a little work and dedication keep up the good work

    1. Online scams are very scary Tom. I lost few thousands from empty promises by scams. Each time you complete your training stage, to upgrade ‘next stage’ they ask for payment and another payment for the following stages. They call it personal coaching. But it is actually ‘ Personally ripped-you-off of you hard earn cash’. SO I do not want readers and millions out there fall into these schemes and scammers. People like you and me and many others out there are genuinely in the internet marketing for the betterment of our financial and future retirement plan.

      But there are too many scammers out there ready to take our hard earn money away. By recommending Wealthy Affiliate Program, I hope, will easy readers journey, in search for a reliable and good support internet marketing platform.

      Wealthy Affiliate may not be perfect, but definitely, the best in the market so far.

      To Your Success Tom

      Nazmi Mohamed

  8. Great article! I found you perspectives on passive income and preparing for retirement in particular to be very interesting. It is so true that many people are stuck with the old mind set of “work hard and try to make enough money and to retire” – as well as use government retirement pensions if available. One problem with that is that nowadays it is almost impossible to save enough, partly because people are living longer and retirement could end up being 30 or so years – which adds up to a lot of money. A passive income source such as affiliate marketing is a perfect solution and it sounds like the Wealth Affiliate program you mention is the perfect platform to make this happen.

    1. Thank you Peter. My only intention is to educate my readers the other option to retire with dignity. I see many people retire yet they still working their sweat out. To me, during the golden years individual should have little worry about money and having fun with wife, children and grandchildren. Also, I hope to educate as many as possible to my readers to be on the safe side in internet marketing. I do not want to see my readers fall into trap by scammers and irresponsible internet marketing company. I hope my site will minimize or protect, would be internet entrepreneurs, from scam and greedy internet marketing platform.

      Nazmi Mohamed.

  9. From my experience I can say that Wealthy Affiliate is not perfect, but it’s one of the best programs I’ve seen so far on the internet. It’s equally good for all ages. Anyone can achieve success with the program if they are wiling to put some effort into the program and allow their online business to grow over time. There is no quick money here and nor did I found such an opportunity elsewhere on the internet. Those are shiny objects while Wealthy Affiliate provides you with everything you need in order to build a successful online business.

    1. Thank you Rufat for stopping by. Yes no internet marketing program that available is perfect. But Wealthy Affiliate is the safest and the best support in the market so far. Definitely not a scam or a marketing platform that drain your hard earn cash. To me and many others Wealthy Affiliate members, this definitely internet marketing for new comers, to build, learn and earn platform.

      Nazmi Mohamed.

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