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The internet has become not only an enormous virtual market where people can make and spend real money, but also an effective communication tool useful for education.

If you combine those two functions, what you get is an educational environment with virtual classes in which business mentors and learners can easily communicate even when they are located thousands of mile apart.

Distance is no longer a boundary and all learning activities including discussions happen in real-time.

Online business education seems to be unnecessary because many people claim to make thousands of dollars in few days without any training at all. For some people, especially those with considerable experiences in online marketing, that’s probably true.

However, the vast majority of people are not experienced yet they deserve the same chance to make money online too. It is indeed tempting to read a testimony from people who have millions from being online marketers.

But we have to at least check the background of the story; how long they have been doing it, where did they learn about it, what kind of online business they are doing, etc. Chances are they learned from reputable mentors and used effective educational platforms.

Wealthy Affiliates is one of the most recognizable and widely used platforms for online marketing educations. This platform is popular partly it is free to use, easy to follow, but mostly because its learning processes are optimized for online environment.

There are at least 2 important features of Wealthy Affiliates to make it stand out from the crowd :).

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1. Video Training  

Video tutorials have been around for ages and used for many different educational purposes for examples workout programs, DIY projects, how-to explanations, and even business presentations.

Wealthy Affiliates is the platform to learn about everything related to making money online. You get lessons about picking an effective niches, creating properly-designed websites, buying domain,  and monetizing website contents. Online marketers come from many countries in different continents, and it is impossible to ask every learner to physically present in any particular class.

Wealthy Affiliate is not only for experienced marketers. but anyone with various backgrounds including mothers, adult students, anyone want to improve their financial status, professionals with steady job but in need of extra income, home business start-ups, and everyone else.

Video training from Wealthy Affiliate allows every single learner to access training materials and lessons in more efficient way to safe time and efforts. Video training is available for online streaming and accessible  from mobile devices.

As the same suggests, Wealthy Affiliate focuses on providing lessons about how to build profitable affiliation relationship with major online stores.

Videos training along with advanced courses and tutorials are divided into 4 phases starting from beginner to expert phase. It is possible to download the videos so you can play them over and over again to absorb all the lessons better.

Free membership of Wealthy Affiliate comes with 2 free websites and the required hosting services. As you learn more about the business with the provide videos, you can make use of the free website to practice what you have learned and improve at your own pace.

There is even an 1-on-1 coaching program to help you optimize the websites for better ranking on search engines.

All the basic materials to create your own affiliation are provided at no cost or extra cost at all. Nearly all affiliation procedures take place in websites that you own and control.

Many parts of the video learning are about building websites and make them have the potential to attract visitors by writing good information and valuable contents, placing banners, in proper location, and doing keyword research.

Normally there will cost associated with making a website for both hosting and domain, but Wealthy Affiliate give those for free and you can make money from them.

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2. Live Support

With a niche, websites, and products to sell through your contents by affiliation marketing, there is only one thing left to keep you going: Support. You have all the tools and learning materials to access anytime, but sometimes direct guidance from mentor is much more effective.

Now that you have 2 websites, keywords research tools, and affiliation, its up to you to organised the content or create unique design to attract visitors and increase your chances of making money.

It is , however, unrealistic to expect that everything runs without any problem at all. There are inevitable difficulties such as low-ranking websites, email spam, unresponsive website design, dead links, or even improper call-to-action.

This is why Wealthy Affiliate has excellent Live Chat Support in the platform including live online chat room, monthly webinar, 1-on-1 mentoring, and a forum filled with fellow marketers.

For both beginners and experienced, live supports provide the following benefits:

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  • Ease of Use: it is relieving to know that there is always someone to help you. Anytime you bump into problems or difficulties, the Live chat feature is just a keyboard away. You ask as many questions as you want as long as they are related to your online ventures. Affiliation can be either simple or complicated, and the online chat room helps to minimize difficulties.
  • Seek Motivation: when you are at the cross road of giving up or you looking for direction to move on, the live chat will be very useful too. You find many Wealthy Affiliate Community will advice and encourage you to move on. So there is human-touch in Wealthy Affiliate Program.
  • 1-On-1: for more personal support, Wealthy Affiliate also provides direct 1-on-1 mentoring to allow members to communicate with trainers in person. This is probably the most convenient type of live support with which you can help for your specific needs.

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT an affiliation platform that gives big promises of making money online by doing nothing. Affiliation requires a lot of hard work, yet the platform trains you to work effectively to meet your goals. All the video training and live support are always there to help, eliminating the need for the time-consuming trial and error process in your online venture.

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