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In any business – whether it is selling a physical product, training or digital, if we have no persistence, fearlessness and self-motivation, we are destined to fail. One must have very strong belief that “Nothing is Impossible”.

In Wealthy Affiliate, most of the materials are already done for you. You only need to have strong belief that no task is impossible and you will definitely be able to do it.

Hard work in Wealthy Affiliate is a definite! There is no success you can get without hard work. But it is definitely not as hard a work I had to do when i set up my own company a few years back. Your LEVEL of success will be determined by the effort and hard work you actually put in. You have to drive yourself out of your comfort zone!


Whatever the challenge is, tell yourself that persistence is The Path to Success! In the process, we will face criticisms, rejections and may feel alienated. But the the fact is, many of these people are not happy with their own financial status. If they are happy financially, they may not be happy with their stressful jobs or back-stabbing working environment or office politics. download (2)

So do not be disheartened by negative comments nor rejections. Because these people really are our potential business partners. What is so exciting about this business, is that it makes me more excited to face rejections. Because when they reject you, they are actually looking for solutions from you. Maybe ego stops them from being humble.

So my friend, remain persistent! Without persistence, most famous people will not be where they are now. This is the mindset of successful business people today, like Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.


Fearlessness, in my view, is quite similar to persistence. Fearlessness will push persistence to levels so high we were never aware we are really able to reach! Having had military background 30 years ago, fearlessness is a very powerful word to push myself to the limit. Something we earlier thought we could not achieve we suddenly could – only when fear is absent from our mind! Doing business in Wealthy Affiliate, you should have no fear of rejections, have no fear of criticisms, have no fear that you have no IT nor website-building capability. images (2)

Have no fear if you are a non-native English speaker. I believe my command of the English language too, will improve when I receive comments or corrections from good English teachers here. Hehehe! So, drown your fear! Move forward fearlessly towards success!

Can you imagine driving a Jaguar, Porsche or your dream car, 3 or 5 years down the road? Or holiday around the world and make money! Imagine the more time you have with your loved ones! Life is short and tough. You definitely deserve a better life!


When you have achieved the success you desire, it will only be appropriate to help others. Either by helping new members or educating others on the mission and passion of Wealthy Affiliate. When you give, your act of giving will always be rewarded by receiving more. It will also make us humble, happier and compassionate.

Our business is about helping others to be financially independent. Can you imagine looking at the happy face of the person you help to be successful? Compassion has a Multiplier Effect. When we support one member, once the member we supported becomes successful, they, in return, will help others to be successful.

Wow, imagine how wonderful the Multiplier Effect can be! More and more people will be happier in this world! Compassion, in my view, is being caring, loving and concerned. Without compassion, life has no soul. We will be like Zombies without it… This is what you will get in our Wealthy Affiliate Community. COMPASSION! c767541cb7991b9fdf2c13070fe9f446

These are the 3 values I think one should have in order to be a successful business owner. You may add what you think will help you to motivate yourself. The most important thing is to motivate yourself!

No one can stop you from achieving what ever you dream of. It is always our own self-limiting mindset that stops us. So my friend, together, we conquer the world without fear, with persistence and compassion! Together, we are strong! Divided, we will fall!

No more procrastination, hesitation and fear. You got to take ACTION. ITS IS NOW OR NEVER. Together you and me, we move forward to achieve our DREAM. To make the DREAM a reality.


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It requires bravery to do something no one else around you is doing.

Amber Heard

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