What Exactly is Keyword?

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Two most common concepts in which the term “keyword” is often used are computer programming and Internet marketing. In either of them, keyword refers to entirely different things, but this discussion will focus on the Internet-based marketing campaign.

Keyword is used mostly in an Internet search paradigm, and more  specifically in the marketing campaign in relation with SEO or  Search Engine Optimization. In simple way, keyword can be defined as a search term used by search engines to generate search  results. Depending on the keyword, search engine will come up with the most relevant results.

Bloggers, online marketers, or generally website owners implement many different keywords in their website pages so they have better chance of appearing  in the first page of search results.

The reason is that people are more likely to click on the first few pages because search engine considers them the most relevant websites to provide information for users based on search queries.

Proper implementation of keywords can bring websites to the top of search results, hence fulfilling the purpose of website owners.

When someone creates a website, there can be a variety of purpose such as making money, advertising products, delivery news, and more; to do any of those, however, the website should easily appear on the search results.

It is therefore important to understand how search engine works.

There are  billions of website pages all over the internet, and each page has certain characteristics for the search engine to recognize. One of the most important characteristics is keyword.

For Example: when a user looks for information about home improvement, the search engine crawls every indexed page to find that exact keyword. Because millions of pages also contain home improvement, the search engine also uses other variables to make list of results. relevancy of the information, age of website, popularity, and update frequency are all put into account.  However, keyword remains the first variable to look at.

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In relation to advertising or marketing campaign, a website are used by advertisers to display their ads on website pages as well. For example, a website page that writes information about computer is an ideal place for advertisers to putads for new laptops or computer peripherals. If a page is talking about fashion, the relevant ads can be for shoes, clothes, wristwatches, etc.

For website owners, it is necessary to be careful about keyword that has alternative meaning such as ‘keyboard’. A page that uses the keyword “keyboard” can either deliver information about computer peripherals, or music instrument;  such thing can confuse search engine, leading to irrelevant search results and ineffective marketing.

The convectional practice of keywords is simply to put as many as possible into a page, in the hope that search engine brings it to the front results.

Such practice is now considered spamming or stuffing, and no longer effective for marketing.

Major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo continuously update their search algorithms to eliminate the possibility of bringing irrelevant results to users as well.


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