What is Keyword Search For?

What Is keyword Search About.

Keyword search or keyword research are for professionals and newcomers, to find and do research on what are the words that people type in search engines or to find products, services and information in search engine. Examples are Google search, Yahoo search, Bing search and many more.

This is very crucial for :

  • Internet marketers                       programmmer
  • Local marketers
  • SEO companies
  • Pay per click marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Local businesses
  • Keyword companies
  • Domain owners and buyers
  • Site flippers
  • Niche marketers
  • Webmasters
  • Anyone that needs keywords!!

Why is it so crucial for internet marketers? The reason is because internet marketers like us need to get correct and reliable information to build website contents. The information will be very valuable in the SEO ranking (to get first page ranking in Google search) where less competitors will be to our advantage. And many more information that help give our website a good ranking in Google and other search engines.

Therefore, a good keyword research platform or tool is very essential.

There are many keyword research platforms available in the market. For me, I use Jaaxy  keyword tool.


Why Jaaxy? According to my observation, the result download is fast and the information is very useful/helpful for content writing. The time saved in research hours by using Jaaxy can instead be used to create quality content. On average, it takes me only about 30 minutes to do my niche keyword research.

Its simplicity and easy navigation make it fast and easy to master. I believe Jaaxy is the most advanced keyword research available in the market today.

Otherwise, key research via Google search or Yahoo search will take a few hours to research. And it is outdated too. Here with Jaaxy I have the luxury of information at my fingertip and the most advanced keyword search in the market. It is an excellent FOC (Free of Charge) investment!

What Can Jaaxy Do?

Other than looking for your niche keyword and the number of competitors  in your niche, other features in Jaaxy are :

  • Domain availability that is related to your keyword.
  • Competitors’ score.
  • Keyword quality score.
  • Traffic or the number of visits to your website if your website achieves first page ranking.
  • Monthly traffic.
  • Saves your listed keywords.
  • Search history.
  • Your website ranking with search engines. (Hmmm…interesting right?)
  • Alphabet soup (to find what this means, you will have to try using it yourself).
  • Video trainings.
  • Brainstorming Idea Feed – latest popular trend happening in the internet and the real world.
  • Export saved list to your file.
  • Blogs.
  • Affiliate programmes.

And the most exciting feature that Jaaxy has is that you can make money from Jaaxy’s affiliate programme. Wow…make money by affiliating Jaaxy. Yes my friend, make money from Jaaxy affiliate programme. The training on how to market Jaaxy is available too. So no worries!

Here is Jaaxy’s commission base. But hush! It’s for-your-eyes-only!


The features here are just some of the features available in Jaaxy. For more detail on Jaaxy keyword research, please click on Jaaxy’s commission icon above. You will find that Jaaxy keyword research tool is fast, reliable and probably the best in the market.


I have experienced it myself. I believe you too will be very happy and satisfied with the performance of Jaaxy‘s keyword search.

Oh by the way, you can try Jaaxy for free too! Simply register and you receive 30 free keywords! How about that?! I love freebies!

Below is the membership subscription :


The Research Platform Chosen by the most Successful Entrepreneurs In the World.

Hope you have enjoyed this and if you do have any question or feedback, please leave it below.

Oh by the way, you can try to look for your keyword by entering a keyword below. TRY IT NOW!

All the best!

Nazmi Mohamed

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela

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